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The purpose of this Web site is to inform and educate the public on the hazards teen smoking can have on their health, and help families who may need help with a teen smoking issue. Articles include the effects, statistics, causes, and warning signs of teenage smoking. Also, tips on prevention and treatment of adolescent tobacco use, including smokeless tobacco and cigarettes. Our goal is to help prevent tobacco use amongst teenagers, and encourage teens to quit smoking through smoking cessation programs.

Electronic Cigarettes for Teens?
Electronic cigarettes for teens? With the rise in popularity of the newly developed electronic cigarette, some parents are concerned that the electronic cigarette industry is marketing too much to teens. There are many pros and cons to the e-cigarette for adults that are old enough to smoke them.
Teenage Smoking Prevention
Teenage smoking prevention isn't easy. Statistics say 1 in 2 teens have tried some form of tobacco, cigarettes being the most popular form. Learn about national efforts to prevent teen smoking and what parents can do to help prevent adolescent smoking.