Natural Ways to Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, it is good to explore natural ways to quit smoking to improve your life, longevity of your lifespan and overall health as well as the health of those around you. Looking at natural ways to quit smoking can also be more effective for some smokers.

Some smokers say they don't quit smoking because they don't like using the medical tools that are available to help them quit like fake cigarettes that have certain chemicals in them to ease the withdrawal from nicotine, or even nicotine patches, gums, mints, etc. Fortunately there are plenty of effective and natural ways to quit smoking without having to go with any of those chemicals or fake nicotine types of quitting smoking techniques. 

Why Quitting is So Tough:

Because the addiction to smoking is both a physical and well as mental one, there are two ways you need to target this addiction. You have to deal with the physical addiction portion of it as well as the mental side of things. Many of people who begin smoking, do so as teens and do not have the desire or drive to quit smoking until adulthood. This means, many smokers have been doing so for years, which can make the quitting process seem so much more daunting. However, if the right approach is taken, there are many natural ways to quit smoking without having to use chemicals or nicotine products to do so. 

Natural Ways to Quit Smoking:

First, you have to target the physical part of the addiction. Many smokers will get used to the habitual side of smoking, like going outside for a break from work, or putting something in their mouth. These can easily be replaced with taking a quick walk around the building of your workplace instead of having a cigarette. It also helps to keep mints or something else you can munch on instead of picking up that cigarette. You have to be careful to pick something that is low calorie here, or you risk gaining weight. That is why something like a sucker or a mint that will last a while will be a better alternative. It is also a good idea to limit your activities that encourage you to smoke such as hanging out around tons of smokers or going to parties and drinking alcohol, which for some is an encourager for smoking. 

Next is dealing with the emotional side of quitting smoking. Many pick up the habit or will smoke when they feel stressed. Trying to quit smoking during a particularly stressful time in your life can be a very difficult way to try and quit the habit. It is important to quit smoking when there aren't a lot of extra stresses in your life or you risk relapsing and prolonging your ability to quit smoking. Some of these natural ways to quit smoking can also help you deal with the stress instead of relying on cigarettes to curb your stress. Acupuncture is often recommended to help people quit smoking. In most cases, it takes about one or two session per week, for about 30 minutes. They give the user an unexpected emotional release, which helps deal with that increase of stress experienced when trying to quit smoking. 

Similarly, herbs are also a natural way to quit smoking, although the proven results are a little less than with acupuncture. However, for some herbs like St. John's Wort and ginseng can help the smoker not only curb cravings, but also help cope with the teen depression and stress that comes with smoking withdrawal. 

Other natural ways to quit smoking like hypnotherapy can help smokers deal with the change in mentality it takes to help smokers quit. It can help the smoker get rid of the negative attitude and resentment smokers get when they are having to give up this addiction. The mind is a powerful tool and can be opened up to accept quitting smoking during the first few weeks or months that it takes to give up smoking. 

What To Do About Relapsing: 

Whenever someone is quitting doing anything that is addictive, it must be recognized that this is a very tough process. Relapsing is okay and very common. Relapsing doesn't mean you should just give up trying. Relapsing just means that you might need to re-explore the natural ways to quit smoking again until you are able to quit the habit for good. 



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